Hockey at Home Training

  1. Social distancing during this COVID-19 quarantine does not mean HOCKEY SKILL DISTANCING. Don’t let your skills go to waste as we wait to get back on the ice. Join us for fast paced workouts that work on stride, crossovers and agility with and without the puck.

Webinars will be held Daily!

(Room invites are sent out half hour before the lesson on the day of the lesson)

$8 + HST per session


$7 +HST Discounted 10 packs now available

(no need to constantly re-register, simply email us by  day of a lesson you want to attend so we can send the invite)

Next Session: Friday June 5th

4:00 PM Stick handling WORKOUT

You will need to register below and have Zoom downloaded and installed on your device.

Improvement is Vital!