Author: Jim Vitale

23 May Peewee to Bantam Hockey

Peewee to Bantam: 5 Important Transitional Game Changers When going from peewee to bantam hockey, every parent must be aware that:1) Anticipation leads to success- Time and again you hear coaches say "the older you get, the smaller the rinks get". This sage advice extends beyond...

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21 May Vicky Sunohara on Skill Development

[caption id="attachment_50718" align="alignleft" width="146"] Jaqueline Scheffel-Head Instructor of Vital Hockey Skills Girls[/caption]Vicky Sunohara on the benefits of summer training on and off iceAfter speaking with 3 time Olympian Vicky Sunohara it’s easy to see why she was able to play at the National level from the...

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