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Explore the development benefits of 1 to 1 attention in one of our private lessons.
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Stopping the puck isn’t just important, it’s Vital to a team’s success! At Vital Goaltending we are committed to…
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Being out on the ice is great, but being out there this much is just plain silliness!

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What’s Up at Vital Hockey Skills

It’s been a hot summer so far as Summer Camps are about to start, the Toronto Hockey Season is behind us all, we wish everyone the best whatever your summer plans may be. So our Summer Hockey Camp does have a few spots left. Before you know it cottage time, soccer, baseball & all that dryland training will bleed into the passion of wanting to carve the ice again. Of course be sure to check out our Hockey Store for off ice skills products to stay sharp in the basement or driveway for July, August and beyond.

For the parents who are planning to give their kids that competitive edge going into fall 2018 then enrolling in our 2 or more weeks of our Summer Hockey Camps is the answer! Vital Hockey Skills offers extreme edge-work, strength and agility for forwards and defense in various Hockey Camps at Sports Village in Vaughan, ON – All out of town and Toronto Area Hockey Players are welcome to Register for any of our Hockey Camps.

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Hockey Camps

Our power skating offers a mix of acceleration, extreme edgework & explosive starts

Latest Posts

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Google Reviews

My daughter Brooke came to Jim looking for individual training to help develop her skills prior to taking the next step in tryouts for her first rep team. During this time Jim worked diligently with her to help in achieving success with this goal. Jim pushed her to see her real potential and the results have been incredible not only on the ice, but academically as well. Brooke continues to push her limits to experience the rewards of her hard work. Although classes and camps were extremely challenging, she loved, and continues to look forward to future sessions. Jim you were truly instrumental in helping Brooke achieve her goals and for that we are extremely grateful for your continued commitment.
Laurie Andrews
Laurie Andrews
15:23 01 May 15
Jim and his team has been a valuable asset not only to my son, but to the many young hockey players that I have directed through his camps through coaching at a rep level. As a coach I see significant improvement to the mechanics of every hockey player that attends the development camps. As a father I see the excitement and exuberance of every child when they are participating in the sessions. Additionally the positive encouragement on the ice from all the professional coaches, and the self-realization that the drills are directly translating to better play and the growth of individual skill sets of the children participating is extremely gratifying. Vital Hockey skills utilizes the biology of the body and creates a direct co-relation to the science of hockey to maximize the learning and development of its students. It is always a pleasure to work with Vital Hockey
Robert Zeni
Robert Zeni
11:44 12 Dec 13
Vital Hockey Skills is by far the top hockey training school in my books! My son has been working with Jim for a little over a year now. He has improved his edges, foot speed and most importantly his confidence! Jim has motivated him to become a better hockey player and instilled in him a work ethic beyond expectation! I have seen a difference and I wouldn't change a thing! Thanks a million!
14:45 11 May 15
Jim Vitale has been a "VITAL" part in both my boys hockey development over the past two years. His technical expertise and insurmountable hockey knowledge has been greatly noticeable in both their skating and overall hockey skills. Both boys always look forward in attending his camps and private sessions since he motivates them to always push past their limits, in an effort to be their best. Not only does he show great passion on the ice when he is teaching, but he does it effortlessly with humour and positive reinforcement. As a result of his true dedication, my boys not only have greatly improved their skills, but more importantly he has instilled in both of them a greater sense of self confidence both on and off the ice. Thanks Jim!
Anna Donato
Anna Donato
21:51 29 Apr 15
My son came to Jim for a few lessons to improve his skating. The overall experience, as well as the result, was outstanding. Jim’s coaching techniques were effective and he varied things very well in order to maintain focus. Most important to us was that Jim is great communicator, and his energy, positive reinforcement, and passion for the game were a great fit with my son. He loved attending the lessons and was provided a great foundation from which to build. Thank you Jim -
Jeff Israel
Jeff Israel
17:41 12 May 15
My son attended few different summer camps and Vital's was the best! It was first time when my son asked to register him there again. He admitted himself how much he improved in one week of intense skating and skills practising. I would definitely recommend it. Thank you!
Dmitri Borissov
Dmitri Borissov
23:17 29 Jul 18
My son Maxwell was looking to make the jump from AA to AAA. A close friend highly recommended we reach out to Jim Vitale at Vital Hockey Skills. Thankfully we were able to get started with Jim right away in private and small group sessions. Jim was able to quickly identify the areas that Max needed to work to take his game to the next level. During these sessions Jim inspired and motivated Maxwell to push past his limits to achieve his goal. Although the sessions were high tempo and physically challenging Max looked forward to every minute on the ice with Jim. We couldn't be happier with the results. Max's overall skill level, athleticism and mental game have improved immensley. I am happy to report that Max has made the jump to AAA for the 2018/2019 season! Jim, we cannot thank you enough for what did and continue to do for Maxwell. There is no doubt in my mind that you are the primary reason Maxwell was able to make the jump to AAA. Max looks forward to continuing to work with you as well as attending the Vital Hockey camps.
Roland Leduc
Roland Leduc
17:02 30 Jul 18
My son has been training with Jim for 2 years now. He has attended his camps, but to this day trains privately with Jim. My sons skating(especially edge work) has improved immensely since starting with Vital Hockey. His calming, but direct approach to teaching has helped my son and he enjoys training with Jim which is very important!!
vito mallocci
vito mallocci
20:21 30 Jul 18
As this was our first camp with Vital Hockey I did want to make sure that I provided some feedback. Jim runs a great well defined camp, there is a combination of skating, skills development, dryland while always having fun. Jim is able to push my son to get the most out of him. That's key for confidence thus results in a stronger performance. There is also a great ratio of coaches to players on the ice. Not like the other camps. Players are getting the attention that is required for development. My son really enjoyed the camp and looks forward to further camps. Thx Jim
Danny V
Danny V
20:51 30 Jul 18
My husband and I are very grateful that our son has learned so much during the first week at Jim Vitale’s summer hockey camp. The coaches are wonderful with kids and really push them to work hard. My son absolutely enjoyed Jim’s camp as he learned lots of advanced skating, puck control & stick handling skills within a high intensity environment but also had fun. He looks forward to coming back soon to further develop his skills here. Thank you very much to all the coaches!
Ally Leung
Ally Leung
22:22 30 Jul 18
Jim is a fantastic instructor!! My son has been working with Jim over the past 5 years and during that time, Jim has taken him from house league player to AAA. At the beginning my son didn't appreciate the class as much as he wasn't used to the pace/intensity of the session, however he experienced what hard work means and how it can pay off. Jim is instrumental in his hockey development but more importantly Jim has given my son confidence and pride. He always looks forward to his class.Thank you Vital Hockey Skills!
Abhaya Khulbe
Abhaya Khulbe
03:12 01 Aug 18
Coach Jim was recommended to us by numerous colleagues of his in the hockey community.We have traveled to many of Jim’s camps over the years and the improvement has been Vital!Jim is always focused on basics, keeping it new and fun... my kids insist on Vital!Dave M.New York
David Mullin
David Mullin
15:57 01 Aug 18
Jim Vitale is an awesome coach. He has always been able to draw out the best from my son. When my son has a lesson he knows that it is time to work, yet find the experience fun as well. The hockey game of today is all about speed, particularly one's ability to use their edges. I've found that my son's skating has evolved very quickly with Jim's help. When I was looking for a coach for my son my focus was on extreme edge work and Jim is the man for this. Thanks Jim !
Grant deGroot
Grant deGroot
00:20 08 Aug 18

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